Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pots of "Gold" - Scavenger Hunt - Another HINT - Pot of Gold #7, Going back to last hint. (you have to look at ALL hints for it to make sense) At least once in peoples lives....some beginning, some ending

Pot of "Gold" #7 - Look at last hint - atleast ONCE in their lives.....HINT HINT
 Pot of Gold #8- My name is used as a acronym most of the time

OK Guys - I want this wrapped up by month end - do I have to give you the answers? LOL, Just Kidding, that is not going to happen! If you have Pots of "Gold" Bring them in ASAP - We have expiration limits on the prizes!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pot of "gold" - #9 - 2nd Hint - Almost all fans should see my location

 Pot #8 - Premier Desitnation for furniture shopping in Western NC

Pot #7 - If I had to bet, I would guess that 90% of all fans have been to this place - atleast once in their lives.
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scavenger Hunt - Pot of "Gold" -Attention Catawba County - Happy Hunting!
Scavenger Hunt ENDS March 31st, 2010 - Any pots that are "redeemed" after this point will be void.
Pot #9 - I'm worth the find me and you find the jackpot

Pot #9 - I'm REAL easy to find, but I'm also REAL tough to find. You will never guess just how visible I am!about an hour ago

REMEMBER - pots will be located in all cities of Catawba County. One in every town near you.....(except the ones that have been found)

Pot # 8 -1st Hint - the place I'm located at is important to peoples future

Pot # 7 - 1st Hint - I'm located in a place that has been around a long time and for anyone that has lived in Catawba County for any lengthy of time, I'm in a pretty significant place

Pot #6 - I can see swings and sand

Pot #5 - this one is sorta tough. Hint, if you figured out the 2nd clue, and you know what town it's located in, remember, it does not have to be "in town". It can be anywhere in that zip code. Here's another hint. From the pot of "gold" - I can see water and bridges. It is very pretty here, especially... with things starting to bloom. I can understand why people get married here, so nice!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pot #5 - To the Leprechauns knowledge, this is just an Urban Legend. However, some believe that Hollywood copied this town when a major movie was made.
Scavenger Hunt

HINT HINT #3 Pot of "Gold" is really wayyyyyy too easy to find, though the clues may seem tough! Happy Hunting!

Pot of Gold #4 - 2nd Hint - if you need great reading material, this is where you would come
Scavenger Hunt for Pots of "Gold" - Pot #4 - 1st Hint - I'm located where many "notable" residents live, including many you have seen on TV

Become a Fan & See Hints and Clues as they become available!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pot #1 - has it's own number. Bring to Dana's to redeem your prizes! Each pot does not necessarily have the corresponding number attached to it! Pot #2 is not in place yet. It will be by tomorrow morning.
Scavenger Hunt Pot of Gold #1 - FINAL Hints, the building i'm outside of, houses an old race car. I'm located in a war artifact. Happy Hunting!
Pot #3 - 1st Hint - i'm located very near a place that you would go to if you go into trouble
Pot # 2 Final Clue - i'm located outside of what is considered a "Little" House
Pot of "Gold" #3 CORRECTION - ONLY two clues for this one. I'm located in a town in Catawba County that is also known as the Southern Railroad. 1st clue is already listed on FB

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Pre-Consignment Specials

Date: March 15th—20th

Times: Mon—Fri: 10AM— 5 PM Sat 10 AM—4 PM

1st—Clean out your jewelry box

2nd— Come into Dana’s Fine Jewelry

3rd—FREE, Dana’s will inspect all jewelry. We will help you determine whether selling it in our Estate & Consignment Trunk Show or selling it for scrap gold will bring you the most money.

4th—FREE—Jewelry cleaning on all pieces you keep

5th—Want your older jewelry to look brand new?

Refurbish for only $9.99! This takes out all the scratches & makes it look brand new again.

6th—Is your white gold still white or is it looking sort of yellow & old? Let us dip in Rhodium for you for $19.99. Or turn your yellow gold white for the same price. This is not a lasting procedure for turning yellow to white, but it works really great on earrings and pendants. This works for rings too, it’s just difficult to determine how long it will last. (many customers have gotten years of use before having to re-dip)

WIN PRIZES in our Scavenger Hunt - Hunt for the pots of "gold"

Why does no one believe in anything free anymore? Because we put our money where our mouth is!!!

9 Total Prizes in "Free Gifts or Money" - Don't believe us, ask our recent winners!

$100 Gift Certificate Grand Prize Scavenger Hunt

2 - $50 Gift Certificate - runner up prizes as follows

3 - $25 Gift Certificate

3 -$25 Gift Certificate to Local Restaurant
Pots of "gold" #1 and #2 - will be placed in their locations tomorrow!!! All hints and tips will be published to be able to find them both!!10 minutes ago · Comment ·LikeUnlike

Pot of Gold # 2 Clue - if it were well over hundred years ago, you would use me to see at night while you waited

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pot of "gold" #2 CLUE - I'm located in the oldest town between Salisbury and Asheville.
Pot of "gold" #1 - FINAL Clue to be given tomorrow!
Pot of Gold #1 - 2nd clue - i'm located outside of a two story building

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Updated Rules for "Pot of Gold" Scavenger Hunt

All pots of gold will be located in public places, outside, located in Catawba County.
Pot of Gold Number #1:
1st Hint - I reside in the county seat
Scavenger Hunt! Hundreds of Dollars in Prizes!!

Here's the Rules:
Each "pot of gold" will have hints to lead to it's location. 2-3 hints/clues in all leads you to that pot. Find the pot, Come to Dana's to redeem prize. Become a follower of our blog and get updates as we post! We'll announce winners as they come in, unless someone announces they have found the "pot of gold" and which pot of gold it is, we will not know if someone has found it yet. Pot of gold will not be put in place till last clue is released. There will be six pots of gold in all. Happy Hunting!

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Buy from an independent store, from someone you trust, and get a great price and all the services they provide too. For example, buy a ring from Dana’s and we’ll size it free, inspect it free, clean it free, engrave it free, gift wrap it free, and on gift emergencies, we can deliver it free too! If you bought a ring on-line, what happens if you need it sized or it breaks, or a stone falls out? Chances are that online place does not do these services or you have to pay for them. So, in the end you save more money shopping locally!

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