Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Have you been to Downtown Newton lately? STOP, before buying online, you are not saving as much as you think! Did you know that you can get price, quality, and service by shopping locally? Did you know that by spending hours online researching the cheapest price on something actually costs you more? First, all the time you spend tracking down something you need, you could have already went to the store and bought it.

Buy from an independent store, from someone you trust, and get a great price and all the services they provide too. For example, buy a ring from Dana’s and we’ll size it free, inspect it free, clean it free, engrave it free, gift wrap it free, and on gift emergencies, we can deliver it free too! If you bought a ring on-line, what happens if you need it sized or it breaks, or a stone falls out? Chances are that online place does not do these services or you have to pay for them. So, in the end you save more money shopping locally!

Downtown Newton provides an interesting array of options for services, shopping & entertainment. If you have not been to Downtown Newton lately, you are missing out! Did you know that you can shop, eat, hang out and drink coffee, enjoy music performances, plays, workout, get pictures made, get groceries, get your hair or nails done, and bowl all from independent owned stores?

Did you know that by supporting independent stores & local business you put more money & jobs back into your own community? For every $100 spent, $68 stays in Catawba County! If you spend that with a national chain, only $43 stays local. Buy online, and it does not help your community at all! From the 350 project, it is estimated that if half the population picked 3, independent owned businesses & spent $50 at each every month, it would create $42.6 billion in revenue? It starts with you, it only takes one!

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