Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Gabriel & Co.'s Stackable Rings continue to be one of our best sellers...and we are forever adding to the line to make it the most comprehensive selection in the market. Now, we've added stackable bangles! These bangles are the ultimate in luxury, designed for fashion-foward, discerning customers. Come ask the ladies at Dana's Fine Jewelry about it today!


The hoop is a classic design that represents elegance and beauty but its plagued by one major flaw-losing an earrings because of an unsecure closer. Gabriel & Co. are contstantly striving to push the envelope when it comes to design. Now they have revolutionized the engineering of the earrings themselves.

Gabriel & Co. is now offering Screwback Hoops. No longer is there a fear of losing an earring. No more catching on clothing or hair. Rest easy knowing your earrings are secure and feel safe with you investment in gold and diamonds.

This season Gabriel & Co. desgined a number of pieces specifically for Cher in honor of her newest concert series at the Colosseum in Caesar's Palace, allowing patrons to purchase them at select stores in Las Vegas. Every Piece was carfully designed with Cher in mind, and Cher herself picked her favorite pieces to be sold in store.

Since it's release, the Cher collection has been extremely popular and is now almost sold out everywhere! Gabriel & Co. is proud to have designed and produced these quality, powerful pieces for such an American icon, and her "lavish, non-stop fun" (The LA Times) concert.