Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Pre-Consignment Specials

Date: March 15th—20th

Times: Mon—Fri: 10AM— 5 PM Sat 10 AM—4 PM

1st—Clean out your jewelry box

2nd— Come into Dana’s Fine Jewelry

3rd—FREE, Dana’s will inspect all jewelry. We will help you determine whether selling it in our Estate & Consignment Trunk Show or selling it for scrap gold will bring you the most money.

4th—FREE—Jewelry cleaning on all pieces you keep

5th—Want your older jewelry to look brand new?

Refurbish for only $9.99! This takes out all the scratches & makes it look brand new again.

6th—Is your white gold still white or is it looking sort of yellow & old? Let us dip in Rhodium for you for $19.99. Or turn your yellow gold white for the same price. This is not a lasting procedure for turning yellow to white, but it works really great on earrings and pendants. This works for rings too, it’s just difficult to determine how long it will last. (many customers have gotten years of use before having to re-dip)

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