Saturday, November 24, 2007

I've been around the jewelry industry since I was eight, my grandparents had Gregory Jewelers in Downtown Newton (same location) for 25 years. After my grandparents sold their store I worked as a sales rep selling to jewelry stores, then in a manufacture where we casted jewelry and sold to retailers, then I eventually moved back to my hometown area and opened Dana's Fine Jewelry,Inc. We will be here twelve years in February.


Quality means more than price when your buying jewelry or really anything , just because one store has it less expensive does not mean it is less expensive it means its probably not the same quality and just because two things look alike does not mean they are the same. I look at jewelry all the time, buying for the store and the repairs that we do, if you do not know jewelry it is hard for you to know what you are buying at Dana's we try to explain the setting the jewelry is in (which means just as much as the quality of the stones) and the quality of the stones. We have to carry different price ranges for everyone but some items I refuse to carry because I care about the quality. The new invisible set merchandise (where they put many stones together to look like one large stone) most of these rings are very poorly made. We do carry some rings like this but we also warranty them (and the company I purchase from stands behind there workmanship also, which is the only reason I carry them). At Dana's we carry quality merchandise at reasonable prices so don't be fooled by other items you see. Do your homework and you will see a difference. Buy from independent owed stores where the sales staff is knowledgeable about the merchandise. I want to sell jewelry that you can have a lifetime and pass down generations to come. If you take care of your jewelry and have it professionally cleaned by me and inspected then most jewelry will last a lifetime. At Dana's if your jewelry breaks we will fix it for you free of charge the first time whether it is your fault or ours. We don't try to sell you an extra warranty to go with the jewelry you purchased because we stand behind our merchandise, that is extra cost that you don't need to pay. So this holiday season buy quality not price because in the long run you will spend more money. The price of diamonds go by the cut, carat, color and clarity and these four things determine the price. If your looking for a diamond remember this. Stop in and we can show you the diffrence in quality.

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